Friday, January 16, 2009

Iran burns effigies of........Obama

Recently a huge protest rally was held in Teheran. Usual sloganeering against USA, usual blood curdling cries against Israel, one unsual aspect was the portrait caricatured. Usually it would be the sitting President and Bush would be the one but they were unflattering demonic characterisation of Obama, one pic had his teeth extended devilishly and blood dripping down his chin. Hhmmm this was the country that Obama wanted to have a diaolgue with "unconditionally" and the liberal front rejoiced at the peacemaker while reminding everyone how hated Bush was due to his "arrogance". Its ironic that Obama is treated thus even BEFORE he becomes president.

Ayman-Al-Zawahiri, bin-laden's deputy, rubbed it in by calling Obama a "house slave".A very denigrating characterisation for an Afro-American.

While the Obama worshippers swoon at his ability to change the world, especially contrasted with the much maligned Bush, "Economist" rightly pointed that even Obama by virtue of being President of US would not change key elements of U S policy without which no country like Iran would love ANY US president, Bush or not.

Time magazine when it declared Obama as "Person of the Year" (unsurprisingly) chose a cover photo designed by an artist whose pic became standard campaign photo. That artist gushed on CNN how Obama made people like him believe in the democratic process by rescuing it from money-bags. HHmmm what a jaded view of American democracy, if your guy wins its great democracy else its not. Probably the Iranians understand the limitations of US presidency than blind worshippers like these who do not realise that the more things change they remain the same.

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